Personal Life Coaching

Personal coaching takes into consideration the many changes that an individual goes through in life transitions. Whether it is to manage life’s priorities, to relate better with significant others or improve on emotional self management, the thrust in personal coaching is to empower the individual to make better choices leading to meaningful living and fulfilling lives.

The emphasis at Growing Oneself is to clarify one’s personal vision, values and priorities. Whether it is with one or a couple, the intention here is to help individuals articulate what matters, and aligning themselves by investing time and energy to what is truly important.


“Joseph was extremely skillful in noticing patterns in our behaviours, and highlighting them helped us gain clarity in determining the root cause of our challenges. His insights from the MBTI has also helped us understand our differences better, and reminded us that we are different, but can learn to flex.

His openness in sharing his personal experiences helped remind us that we are not alone in our struggles, and give us hope that we can learn to be a better couple. Most importantly, we appreciated the safe space created for us to share, and ensuring that our learning has been sustained.”

Claire & Joshua,
Married Couple,Singapore

“Joseph is a great listener and observer. His probing questions and insights helped me see things I never saw before. Throughout the coaching process, there was always agreement on the goals we were working on and effort was made to constantly review and check on progress made.

I appreciate his empathetic understanding of my limitations. Yet, that did not stop him from challenging and encouraging me to tap on my competencies to achieve the tasks set.”

Hala Fayed,
Loving Mother,Kuwait

“I highly recommend working with Joseph Tay. His unique approach to coaching reaches deep into your opportunities for growth and brings to light a whole new perspective.From there, he challenges you to reach high and holds you accountable. A deeply honest, caring, and faith-filled man, Joseph is a joy to work with. I learned and grew a lot through a difficult time in my life.”

Lori Edwards,
Vice President,USA

“I liked the fact that Joseph allowed me room to reflect on and recognize my strengths and weaknesses throughout the sessions we had. He did not judge and refrained from imposing his views yet was open to sharing his perspectives and challenging mine where appropriate.

I benefited from this by learning the importance of listening, asking the questions to engage another and not rush in to provide solutions.”

Tee LH,
General Manager,Malaysia